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What My Clients Are Saying

"Arleen is an uncommonly attentive listener with a rare ability to drill down to the core issue in a chaotic swirl of intruding concerns. Her corporate experience has given her many practical tools and techniques to help with managing as an administrator or executive. Her innate sense of compassion and understanding of human nature enables her to provide a conducive environment for exploring any hidden conflicts that may be obstructing your progress. Her skills embody an insightful combination of knowing how to be accepting and supportive of where you are at that moment while at the same time gently and firmly helping you move forward toward your goals."

J.L., Director, Educational Technology

"Arleen helped me figure out how I could be more effective in my ability to communicate with different leaders and players in a highly political, complex  and fast-paced working environment. She helped me see the key changes I needed to make to be most effective.  Her insightful and provocative questions helped me develop a daily formula for success and routine practice to assess how I was doing and how I could improve.  She weaved in other tools and skills related to human dynamics that helped my daily formula for success be even richer and more impactful. In addition to being a highly effective coach, she made the whole experience fun!  I am already seeing the impact of my improvements make a big difference in my ability to be a more effective and better leader. Thank you Arleen!"

S.E., Director, Healthcare Administration

"I was fortunate to have Arleen as a mentor/coach for several months in 2017. She uses a creative combination of consulting and coaching to help people reach their full potential. I valued how well I felt heard each session and her methods to help me get past hurdles and find new solutions. Many times I left with a new idea and 'aha' moment that I was able to apply in both my professional and personal life. 

"Arleen’s overall passion for helping develop others and help them succeed shines through in every session and I owe many of my successes to her mentoring. Thank you for everything!"

J.N., Clinical Manager, Healthcare

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